Watsons Kennels

Located in Fortville Indiana, just a stone’s throw from Mt. Vernon Community Schools, our address is 2599 West 925 North.

Our veterinarian recommended kennel is designed to meet the needs of all breeds of dogs, and to allow a peaceful atmosphere for your family pet. We have 7 runs all 5x8 and each allows your pet to feel safe and secure while staying with us. Our runs are climate controlled for the comfort of your canine friend all 7 of our runs provide optional outside run access. (Usable only during periods when climate control is not necessary due to temperature outside conditions.)

Exercise is a fundamental aspect of every healthy canine’s life, and at Watson’s Kennel we facilitate play and exercise time within a secure play yard several times a day. Our staff will play Frisbee, tug-of-war, ball, and any other game your dog might enjoy upon request.

Unlike some corporate kennels, we have someone on the property 24-7 to insure the safety and wellbeing of our canine guests. Messes are attended to immediately and our observant staff is well trained and ready to handle any situation.

NOTICE: New and returning clients are reminded to check out our Boarding Requirements page for specifics on what you can expect and what we require for the expert care of your family friend!